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XERXIA become first to leave VCT Masters Copenhagen after loss to NORTHEPTION

If you listen very closely, you can still hear them screaming “NICE” in the distance.



VCT Masters Copenhagen’s first group stage squad has been eliminated. XERXIA Esports will be returning home after today’s defeat by NORTHEPTION.

Fans of VALORANT were on the edge of their seats during the match between the Thai team XERXIA Esports and the Japanese team NORTHEPTION, especially on the final map when the two teams were neck and neck throughout Bind.

However, NORTHEPTION are still not secure. They will still have to compete in a decisive match against FunPlus Phoenix, who they haven’t yet faced at Masters Copenhagen, in order to advance to the playoff round. The opening game of the tournament saw FPX defeat XERXIA, thus NORTHEPTION will need to do some homework if they want to advance to the playoff round.

Today’s battle was back and forth throughout, first on a map-by-map basis and then round-by-round. The first two maps didn’t have much of a contest, but Split fell to XERXIA with a score of 13-9, while Haven’s second map went to NORTHEPTION with a score of 13-8.


The two teams encountered the most resistance to one another in Bind. NORTHEPTION appeared to have regained their footing as they won four rounds in a row after the map finished 6-6 at the interval. However, XERXIA fought back in the following three rounds to make the final score 11-10.

With a final score of 15-13, NORTHEPTION was able to win the opportunity to advance to the playoffs by pulling out some powerful rounds at the very end of the game, sending XERXIA home.

Northeption will now play FPX in the decider match tomorrow to determine who advances to the playoff bracket at VCT Masters Copenhagen, while Xerxia pack their bags to return home.