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Where to get Mist Grass Pollen in Genshin Impact

Weapons aren’t allergic to pollen.



Where in Genshin Impact to Obtain Mist Grass Pollen

Pollen is one of the three ascendant materials found in Mist Grass. Since Mist Grass Pollen is the most common form of the plant, it is the most practical to cultivate.

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Finding and defeating Mages out in the open world is the simpler option. They are formidable foes, but they can’t compare to elemental bosses and monsters. To locate the Cicin Mages, open your Journal via the controls wheel’s “bosses” tab. Locate the Cicin Electro Mage down the list of choices and select it. By taking this step, you’ll have her location marked on your map. If you want to engage them in battle, you can head to the designated location.


These sorcerers have the ability to manipulate electricity and fire. Characters that deal area damage are the best choice because they can teleport out of harm’s way quickly. When they are vanquished, they drop a variety of items, including pollen from the Mist Grass plant.

In addition, Mist Grass Pollen can be purchased with the extremely rare Stardust currency. The in-game shop is where Stardust can be spent. Once inside, look for the section labeled “Paimon’s Bargains” on the fourth menu.

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You can purchase up to 16 monthly supplies of Mist Grass Pollen for the price of five Stardust each. As this is an uncraftable resource, it should be used wisely when deciding which weapons to level up. Be on the lookout for Fatui Cicin Mages and either kill them or store their Stardust for later sale. These locations are exclusive sources of Mist Grass Pollen in the Genshin Impact game.