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What does discipline mean in Bitlife?

Work hard and keep yourself safe with discipline.



Bitlife is a straightforward, free-to-play text-based simulation game where you get to live out your life, as the name suggests. You may play through the game numerous times thanks to the variety of challenges, options, and pathways it offers. However, how your life unfolds will be determined by your character’s numbers, which you may always view. Discipline is one of these stats, but it’s concealed, so you can’t continuously check it like you can the others.

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The role discipline plays in Bitlife

Discipline has an impact on a variety of factors, including whether or not a person will get addicted to something and how well they perform in both school and at work. Therefore, if you have high discipline, you’ll perform better on duties and have a stronger resistance to developing addictions. However, if you lack discipline, you are more likely to develop an addiction to something like alcohol, drugs, or gambling. You should therefore aim to retain this stat at a high level. But how do you control and improve your discipline stat?


How to improve your self-control in Bitlife

Go to your Activities page and tap on Mind and Body to improve your discipline. Scroll down till you see “Meditate” from here, then tap on it. There is a possibility that meditation will strengthen your discipline. Additionally, meditation is good for your health and karma. However, there is a potential that it won’t accomplish anything at all.

However, you may view everyone’s statuses, including their discipline, in God Mode. In this mode, you can change this stat whatever you desire to observe how things turn out. But you’ll have to spend money to have access to God Mode.