Before Edge's devastating retirement in April 2011, new information has come to light regarding WWE's plans for his storylines.

The Rated R Superstar's career was abruptly ended more than ten years ago after he received a cervical spinal stenosis diagnosis.

Doctors advised Edge that if he kept wrestling, he ran the possibility of paralysis or perhaps death in an emotional message to the WWE Universe.

The native of Toronto never gave up on his desire to wrestle once more. At the 2020 Royal Rumble, he unexpectedly returned to WWE after nine years away from the ring.

We now know about an important angle WWE creative had in store for Edge in 2011, as he considers retirement once more, this time on his own terms.

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. detailed a plot he created for Edge that was ultimately dropped on the most recent episode of his podcast Wrestling With Freddie.

"I actually created the script for Edge, which he ultimately had to rescind due to his retirement. It was eerie because it was somewhat accurate to what actually transpired with him when we penned this entire thing.’’

‘’He intended to beat Christian since Christian was planning to turn on Edge. He was going to crush him for just a few weeks. It was meant to be similar to the Sesame Street parody by Dave Chappelle. He was going to do something along those lines, and they would spell out the word "spine" and explain what each letter meant. Simply make fun of what he did to this man's neck. It was the entire situation.’’

"Edge eventually hurts his neck so badly. He was unable to tell the tale. So they simply wrapped Alberto Del Rio in it. In the end, [Christian] was granted [the title] for a day.’’

This week, Edge's hometown of Toronto hosted WWE Raw once more. He addressed the crowd towards the conclusion of Raw and announced his impending permanent retirement.