Winnie The Pooh Trailer Horrifies Twitter

It is no secret that the new Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey had already terrified fans. Now, the trailer of the movie has been released and fans are not happy. 

The upcoming venture is turning everybody’s childhood character into a monster, as they focus on horror.

Earlier this year, the film was announced and even then fans were not warming up to it. Twitter has mixed reactions about the venture and the release of the trailer has only terrified them more.

A fan stated that the trailer looks like a fan-made horror movie. Let us look at the other reactions people are having on Twitter.

Fans made it a point to express their opinion about the trailer launched for Winnie the Pooh. Some people said it looks like a parody movie while others were completely horrified. 

Meanwhile, a bunch of people said it is not “cinema” as they referred to Martin Scorsese’s controversial comments.

A lot of people also claimed that they will not watch the movie. This was a common thought amongst a majority of the users online. 

Fans were not on board with the horror perspective added to their childhood character. Many users even insulted the aesthetic side of the movie.