What does CME want with its big Ethereum and Bitcoin move??

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One of the world’s largest derivative exchange groups, Chicago Mercantile, intends to start trading on micro Bitcoin and Ether futures. By 28 March, it has announced that these options will be offered.

Bitcoin futures contracts are set to be smaller than the underlying cryptocurrency. The new option terms will go into effect in January 2020.

These contracts will join the same league of existing futures that were launched anonymously in May and December last year.

Traders usually favor short-dated options to manage risk. The novel launch will feature Monday, Wednesday, and Friday weekly expiries, along with the monthly for micro crypto options.

Futures and options are two different investments. Futures typically require the buyer to purchase an asset at a certain date, while options give investors the right, but not obligation, to buy or sell an asset before the contract expires.

Our options are customized to suit both the needs of smaller traders and enterprising investors.