Why Jennifer Garner, ex-wife of Ben Affleck, won't attend his wedding.

Why Ben Affleck’s Ex Jennifer Garner Will Skip His Wedding? 

Here’s why Ben Affleck’s ex Jennifer Garner will skip his wedding to Jennifer Lopez

Her children with Affleck, Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13, and Sam, 11

are expected to attend the celebration this weekend at the actor’s estate in Riceboro, Georgia.

Jennifer Garner is hard at work on a project in Texas and won’t be attending the wedding celebration

but she’s been totally supportive of her kids being there and is really positive in general about the whole thing,” an insider told.

“There is nothing more important to her than her kids’ happiness so the fact that they feel welcomed and at ease and have bonded with J.Lo and her kids is just the best thing she could ask for.”