What are How do crypto cards work? This is what you need to know.?

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What are crypto cards?? This is a charge card that allows you to spend cryptocurrency.?

Your debit card activates and acts the same way when it is used with a cryptocurrency merchant.

What is a crypto card??

A card lets you spend your cryptocurrency with vendors you trust. A certain percentage of each purchase goes to the vendor and a certain percentage goes into a private wallet for you so it's easier than ever before to shop with Cryptocurrency. You can use your crypto cards for ATM withdrawals. If your service provider supports them, we make it easy to convert the money you put into our card into cash and spend it wherever you want.

What are the differences between a credit and debit card??

One of the main differences is that a debit card has cash pre-loaded and the transactions are paid off later, while a credit card's transactions happen immediately.

What are the benefits of using digital currencies??

- Cryptocurrency for everyday purchases.- Prices might change. Check our Cashback rewards, discounts, or other opportunities.

What are the risks associated with crypto cards??

Cryptocurrency is a liability for some individuals, the same as spending it.

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