Toscano-Anderson was a die-hard fan of the Warriors in Oakland, the team he called home, and he proudly wore the number 95 to show his allegiance to the Warriors.

because he was born in the 95th Street neighborhood of Manhattan. Following four seasons at Marquette and he was not selected at the 2014 NBA Draft, so he was

before being selected to the Santa Fe Stars, a three-year veteran of the professional level in Mexico.

After a successful audition in the local area, Cruz Warriors were added to the training camp roster. The following month, he was

A few months after he was named to the Santa Cruz roster, he signed a three-year contract.

Two years later, the Warriors were NBA champions after a deal was struck with the team. It's a remarkable tale of tenacity.

His grandfather, Toscano Anderson, a Mexican immigrant to the United States, instilled in him grit and determination.

JTA was also the first player to win a championship with his hometown team, the one he chose.

to win an NBA championship despite their Mexican heritage. He was proudly celebrating the victory carrying

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