It'll be ten years until "Tom Brady Training Camp Day," when fans can pet goats and eat cake in honor of Tom Brady's birthday, but that's as close as it's going to get.

When it comes to breaking records in the NFL, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is still going strong at the age of 39. Father Time mocks Brady's perfect record with every snap he takes.

For the first time in NFL history, Brady will have a passing yardage of 45 or more when he throws his first pass in Week 1.

With one rush yard or reception, Brady would become the first player in NFL history to reach the age of 45 or older.

For TB12's birthday, NFL Research compiled some notes. In the meantime, let's tuck into some sugar-free avocado cake.

Brady was born in 1977, the year of American culture:

The top movie at the box office was Star Wars ($307,263,857 total gross).

When New England selected Brady on April 16, 2000, 104 players were born after that date. Without TB12, the NFL would cease to exist.

3. Brady was drafted six days after the Buccaneers' top 2022 draft pick, DT Logan Hall. During the 2022 NFL Draft, Brady was selected 13th overall.

4. There are 13 current head coaches younger than Brady out of 32. When Brady was a Patriot, two current head coaches (Kevin O'Connell in 2008 and Kliff Kingsbury in 2003) were Patriots quarterbacks.

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