It was revealed in an interview that Tatum disliked one of his first starring roles, G.I. Joe: Rise

of the Cobra. His contract with Paramount compelled him to make the film, he claimed, and he hasn't yet explained why he did so

to recollect it with pleasure Let me be completely upfront with you. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I hate that movie," Tatum declared

I was pushed into doing that movie ... [After] Coach Carter, they signed me for a three-picture deal ... And as a

young [actor], you're like, 'Oh my god, that sounds amazing, I'm doing that!'"

It was revealed by the actor, who played Magic Mike XXL, that as he matured and chose to pursue different

he was approached by his studio about playing G.I. Joe, but even at that point Tatum was not interested.

exuberant about the idea being put forth. Tatum admitted that his love of the fictional soldier when he was a kid and was

I'm not trying to ruin the character in any way. Tatum even admitted that he would like to play Snake Eyes, a role

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