While audiophiles may look down on the gaming community, companies like Sony, Audeze, and Beyerdynamic have made waves in the industry.

have gone all in and it has proactively begun to deliver profits for every one of them. Earbuds for video games that

The aforementioned companies account for 40% of Audeze's sales, which is obvious because:

excited about breaking into the market Sony enjoys a conspicuous upper hand over the remainder of the opposition

Despite being the creator of the most widely used gaming console, Sony cannot assume that PS4 and PS5 owners will continue to support the company.

buying a pair of gaming headphones. The shiny new Sony INZONE H9 hopes to assist with changing that.

Sony has presented the INZONE H9 (otherwise called model WG-H900) to supplement its PS4/PS5 gaming stages

games. At the point when I previously opened the public statement bundle, my underlying idea was that somebody at Sony

love David Clark Aviation Headsets from the 1970s; the domed white shell, blast mic connected at the base, and balance