With its 80s-themed snowstorm, Stranger Things has consistently displayed its admiration for cinematic masterpieces.

realistic references. The Duffer used every episode of Season 4 up to this point as an element film.

Finally, Brothers have made it crystal clear that "it's nothing more or less than a TV show, it's an extremity."ely 

The season's next volume conveys a blockbuster experience, full of epic characters and plot twists.

Although there have been some improvements, the film has moved closer to a shocking thriller rather than the ET and Goonies-style adventure films

initial projects in its early years. This all-encompassing haziness, joined with the interminably excited speed

Long episodes can be tedious to sit through due to the passage of time. The children of Hawkins are pretty cleared out themselves

off of attempting to destroy Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), the sludge covered lowlife with a multitude

fiendish bats and an inclination for suspending his casualties. Unfortunately, the show's central characters aren't much help.

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