Te'o was a major celebrity during his time at the high school. His future plans included a full football scholarship from

It's a school called Notre Dame. Te'o was widely regarded as Hawaii's "golden boy" due to his positive personality, strong faith, and ability to get along with anyone. But then disaster struck.

Then an awful thing happened. His grandmother died and then his girlfriend. They both passed away on the same day. There was no actual death of his girlfriend.

The press discovered the situation was unfair. It was a Catfish all along -- with Ronaiah "Naya" Tuiasosopo being caught in the

Te'o, Tuiasosopo, and the elaborate 2013 hoax make up the new documentary "Untold" (two-part), which Ryan Duffy directed

The story of Te'o and his make-believe girlfriend is well-known, but the story of Tuiasosopo, who invented the girlfriend to aid his own

less well-known is her struggle with gender dysphoria. Tuiasosopo is now a woman because of this transition. Aside from the fact that Te'o

may be familiar to some viewers, the documentary's opening scene features Tuiasosopo. She has a starring role in both episodes.

plays the lead role and takes the audience with her on her quest for gender identity and exploration of self. This is partly influenced by her catfishing experience

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