The US government appears to be getting riled up over cryptocurrency scams. Authorities were said to have announced on Thursday that

the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Department 

who are accused of running multimillion- or billion-dollar Ponzi schemes, respectively. Many of these cases involve ape clones. for instance,

in any CFTC case," and the other involves an individual who is well-known in the Bitcoin community.

the title of "Cryptoqueen" was bestowed upon her The waves of enforcement are taking place amid declining cryptocurrency prices.

Let's get started with the CFTC -- the regulatory body. Investigations have begun against a company called

Mirror Trading International (MTI) that was owned by an South African man named Cornelius Johannes Steynberg. 

According to the commission, MTI tried to entice investors by claiming that its system was fully automated.

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