Older siblings have been waiting patiently for Season 24, and now we finally have a cast to announce! The first appearance, which will be a

One and a half hours of live moving, which will air on Wednesday, July 6. You can live stream the show on fuboTV and watch

With Julie Chen Moonves back as host, Season 24 commitments a great deal of energy. There are sixteen people staying at the house.

As stated by the creators, there will be no live audience. While we have close to zero insight into the cast, look at the names

No one was surprised when CBS assembled a cast of 16 houseguests from various charitable organizations.

The house guests range in age from 21 to 47. While the organization delivered a see with the cast portraying

Until they show up, we must be ready to meet them where they are. Look at the names, age and occupations, and the uncover video:

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