Simone Biles' diet that powered her to win several Olympic medals

Simone Biles has been called the greatest gymnast of all time. How is she able to maintain her physical form? Does it have something to do with her diet?

Simone Biles's breakfast

Biles typically eats fruit or oatmeal in the morning. If she doesn't have time to eat breakfast, she will instead work on her fitness and nutrition goals for the day.

Simone Biles's dinner and lunch

Biles likes eating the two largest meals of the day. She says she can order healthy foods easily and quickly from her phone.

Drinks, Snacks, and Desserts

Heading 2

When Simone Biles is not training, she enjoys a margarita or other alcoholic beverage. She then typically goes for a cookout with some friends, but her training schedule makes this difficult for her to do often.

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