Shibas are an extremely social breed, they love to spend time with its owners and in a pack. They are the perfect companion for just about any type of activity.

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Shiba Inu [SHIB] has been emerging stronger than other crypto assets. Unlike other networks, the Shib Army was observed voluntarily engaging in the ecosystem. Community burns are a prime example of this.

The ecosystem has been taking matters into its own hands recently as it plans to construct its own burn portal.

The Shib Army has been carrying out burns on a regular basis.

Many people are tempted to buy SHIB when altcoins like it can be bought for dollars.

Despite burning 410,303,203,394,795 SHIB from its initial supply, the price of the altcoin was stuck at $0.00002501. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency managed to record a daily surge of 6.03%, at press time.

The most recent AMA revealed a wealth of new information. The Shiberse did include 99,000 plots of land.

However, not all the plots will be released at once. The first batch will include 35,000 plots and the others will follow once the first batch is sold out. There was also a collective card game in the making. William Volk, former Activision CEO, said so.