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April 2, 2022

Self-Proclaimed Satoshi plans to dump $50 billion worth of Bitcoin

Craig Wright owns 1.1 million bitcoins worth $50 billion. He is planning to sell his BTC holdings as cryptocurrency.

An Australian designer has claimed to be the man who came up with bitcoin, but many people don’t trust his claims.

"Bitcoin Is Not Crypto"

In a recent interview, he expressed his concern and fear pertaining to the BTC market situation. Recently, BTC dropped below $47,000.

According to some Electrum SV developersWhen the Seed Phrase System is implemented, users will receive their bitcoin automatically.

Using the Alice and Bob's model, Wright clarified the misconceptions about bitcoin and how it works.

Bitcoin has gone through many phases. Newcomers can learn more about the possibilities of short-term attacks and Bitcoin as an economic system by watching a series.

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