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Russia invading Ukraine may put pressure on crypto’s price.?

Feb 15, 2022

Russia invading Ukraine has some experts worried about what the impact could be on crypto market. It impacts Bitcoin as well, but it also can highlight why investors like it so much.

Ukrainian volunteers and government forces have combined efforts to support each others during conflict. Bitcoin and other crypto donations are used as funding for equipment.

Uncertain times are ahead for the world economy as Europe risks a new war and inflation is on the rise.

If tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to rise, it is possible that the price of crypto will fall to test the lows of 2022.

However, the present turmoil has highlighted that Bitcoin's final goal is to become a peer-to-peer network not controlled by a single administrator or central bank.

US economists agree that smart investors should find investments that can mitigate the risk of catastrophe, whether it's in Lebanon or Afghanistan.

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