Reservation Dogs' recently dumped Bear is a downright gloomy character in the show's Season 2 premiere. Luckily for you

In any case, before we get to Spirit's extreme (yet irrationally hilarious) love for Bear, here's where we left 

after an altercation with Bear, Elora fled to California with Jackie and the Rez Dogs, who were represented by Willie Jack and Cheese.

booking; and Uncle Brownie admitted that he had the ability to stop a cyclone that was advancing."

So was the pack all rejoined in the Season 2 opener, and did Uncle Brownie at any point track down his garments? 

At the top, Willie Jack gives Daniel's photograph (and us) an update with respect to what's been going down since

The tornado Bear is as yet conversing with his unusual soul buddy "with the hard nips," as we see him

conversing with nobody and seeming to be an insane individual. Uncle Brownie is, in fact, out and about.

out bare (LOL) and contemplating whether canines can see him, while Mose and Mekko get their bicycles hustled.

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