A person of interest in the July Fourth mass shooting has been arrested, according to authorities.

Robert E. Crimo III was spotted driving a silver Honda Fit in north Chicago hours after the assault. As soon as possible

A cop attempted to "start a traffic stop," and Highla, 22, tried to flee, according to the police report.Chief Lou is a member of the Park Police Department

Crimo surrendered after a brief pursuit, according to Jogmen, who added that he was "arrested without incident."

Crimo will be addressed by age, according to Jogmen, who noted that the examination was moving quickly.nts at the 

An official in the office "to ensure or check whether, in actuality, he is linked to this episode,"

When squeezed, Jogmen declined to call Crimo a suspect at this stage in the examination. More was said by the police chief.

rs harmed.

Five of the six people killed in the attack were adults who died at the scene in Lake Coulee.nty Coroner 

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