Poll shows investors prefer Shiba Inus over Dogecoin and Dogelon.

16th March 2022

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A poll was recently conducted by Gemini crypto exchange. Shiba Inu was the most popular option.

 People choose three of the most popular dogs-themed tokens on CryptoKitties.com

Dogecoin got 10.3% and Dogelon got 12.3% of the votes, while Shiba Inu only received 14% of the vote

The following poll was a third in a series of polls. In the previous polls, followers were asked to choose from Ethereum or Salona. In this poll, Ethereum won with 53.8% of the votes.

Gemini exchange put MANA and SAND against each other in a poll. MANA received 31.5% of the votes while SAND received 37.9%. Thirty-six percent opted for both options.

Compared to memecoins, Dogecoin is still ahead in terms of market capitalization. Dogecoin ranks more highly than Shiba Inu.

Total market cap of Dogecoin today is at just over $15 billion as compared to $12 billion of Shiba Inu.