Those of us who aren't Woke speakers would have English if we'd lost the War of Independence.

We would also be planning to crown Prince Charles (73), the Prince of Wales if the Brits had won the Revolutionary 

War (1775-1783) over the rebellious Thirteen Colonies. Although Her Imperial Majesty Queen Elizabeth I still 

reigns over the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, she is now 96 years old. the hearth of Prince Charlie at this time

A Queen Elizabeth would have denied the lies to those, such as Nancy Pelosi who believe the California

progressive is America's first queen. In spite of the fact that she appears to be, she is not.

Because we won the war and are celebrating our victory today, this discussion is merely academic.

It was even suggested that General George Washington should be made the new king of the United States.

Col. Lewis Nicola (an Irish-born veteran of war and American patriot) purportedly wrote a suggestion

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