RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook formed BTS in 2013. Music and lyrics that touch on a wide range of topics, including self-love, have been widely praised since their debut.

It is less than a month after BTS' own 9th debut anniversary (June 13) that the group celebrated the ninth birthday of their fans, ARMY.

A sweet letter has been penned by Luna to BTS today. Please read the letter below. [Please note: This letter was shared on July 9.]

It's ARMY day today. It is a very special day today. I cannot put into words how special this day is to me. [On] this day, you named not only your fandom but one of my identities as well.

Before I joined the Army, my life was a living hell. I began to despise myself as a result of the stress of dealing with my parents, my academics, and making new friends. I used to feel hopeless about everything.

On December 1, I made the decision to join the BTS ARMY. In his speech, I was enlightened. "Love yourself first before you can love someone else," was the thought that crossed my mind.

After that, I watched more of their songs, quotes, speeches, and more. So, I started to love you more (sorry Joonie, don't shave my eyebrows), but I still started to love myself.

ARMYs will always stay by your side even if you end up chubby. I know BTS * ARMY stories will never end even if you do heavy diets even if you can't. 

I would like to thank Borahae BTS for making me love myself, for making me confident, and for making me believe in myself. I never met you, I never went to your concert, and I've never even heard of you.

My whole life will be dedicated to defending you. The BTS music is not a distraction, as I will show you, but rather an inspiration for your work. Borahae Yours lovingly Luna