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Vladimir Putin inspired crypto is up 43,000% since July 2020...

Feb 26, 2022

Russia is refusing to back down in Ukraine. As the crisis continues, the risk of a global disaster increases and it's effect can be felt across the world.

There was no surprise that this event has even hit the stock market and the crypto market, but what was astonishing is the rise of the Putin coin [PUT] which was rallying 130% higher in the past 24-hours at $0.003966.

If you've heard of Putin coins, these are the tokens that have risen from their grave a few days ago after some loyal supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin began collecting them for trading.

The token noted another boost in value on 5th February and jumped to $0.001138. It continued to trade at close to the $0.001128 price level until 22nd February after which it entered a massive volatility phase.

According to its website, the total supply of PUT is 20 billion. In an almost 92% share, a top 25 wallet holds 19 billion of the coins.

These five exchanges currently have PUT listed, which includes Folgory, Crex24, Emirex, HeloCoins, and Bololex.