Her upcoming film Good Luck Jerry was promoted in Mumbai on Wednesday. She looked stunning in a vibrant blue jumpsuit.

In the fashion world, Janhvi Kapoor's sartorial choices are frequently lauded for their glamour and oomph.

She was drawn to a blue strapless jumpsuit. Regardless of what she wore, it was a statement piece of clothing. The way she styled it was also a plus.

The actress also posted a photo of herself wearing the outfit she was wearing to her Instagram account.

Antithesis designed the corset jumpsuit Janhvi wore. We wore palazzo pants with flares and corset-style tops. The look was amplified with sheer panels and a strapless silhouette.

Neutral colors were used in her cosmetics. Glam picks included beaming highlighter, nude lips, fluttery eyelashes, and a little blush.

It is also possible to buy Janhvi's outfit on the internet You will have to shell out Rs 18,000 to add this corset jumpsuit to your collection.