Since basketball has lost one of its most significant figures this week, we have been doing a lot of thinking about Bill Russell.

impressive, and powerful performers ever. The NBA carried out its arrangements to respect Russell this week with the No

Association-wide resignation of 6, patch-wearing players, and shamrock-decorated courts ahead of the upcoming

This all made me think: What in the event that NBA 2K followed after accordingly? Effectively quite possibly of the most

The Jordan Challenges, which made their debut in NBA 2K11, are a seminal moment in the franchise's development.

new beginnings in the year 2K23. From coming out on top for the National Championship at North Carolina, to this season's

The Jordan Challenges hit the perfect balance between the virus game and "The Shot" victory over Craig Ehlo.

But in terms of Russell, things are very different. We're looking at returning players to the 1960s and

them to win by only using one player to win the game. Indeed, even against below average rivalry and old-school ball sensibilities,