Everything makes sense to us because there are so many different types of running shoes to choose from. a second time

However, these outlines were originally created for men and then reworked to better suit a female aesthetic.

Puma's all-new ladies' running shoes are a part of the brand's recent resurgence in running.

specifically the Nitro version of Run XX. Supported by research and designed to help the female biomechanics, this most

A recent sprinter is making a move to ensure that everyone has the proper equipment for every mile.

In order to better understand the needs of female sprinters and to enhance the "Run for Her" positioning of the brand,

Biomechanics Lab at the University of Massachusetts collaborated with Puma to find out how to assemble the shoes.

the Run XX Nitro outline. Enrolling 224 sprinters who logged in excess of 36,000 miles more than about two

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