“I Thank God" - Tony Ferguson Shares Scary Details of Events After KO Loss

Tony Ferguson's ko loss against michael chandler

Tony Ferguson dropped his first KO loss at UFC 274 this past weekend.


There were a lot of expectations from Tony Ferguson going into the fight. And fight fans were treated to a Ferguson classic.

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However, only until a vicious front kick that KOed Tony Ferguson ruined the night for every El Cucuy fan.

UFC 274

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Ferguson looked great in the first round at ufc 274

Even in the loss, Ferguson won many fans over owing to his incredible performance right until the vicious front kick that knocked him out unconscious.

Ferguson was immediately taken to the hospital. El Cucuy updated no broken bones, and took to Instagram to share his thoughts after the fight.

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"It was a scary feeling not remembering anything from beginning of second round all the way until I walked up to the ambulance 🚑 I thank God EVERYDAY I made the trip back to reality 🙏" Ferguson said.


Needless to say, the details are horryfing.

"I’m Beyond🙏greatful my movements are ok, my bones are intact & except for a slight headache in the mornings I’m glad to be back & doing what I ❤️‍🩹 Love ( light👣duty) I want to be better than yesterday for sure,.. not for anyone else but for me 🎶 Making good adjustments daily, and will continue to do so- Champ" - Ferguson captioned.

It's certainly a lot time for Tony Ferguson who has lost his last four fights. Be that as it may, the spirit in El Cucuy still stands tall and its evident in his words. 

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