With the review embargo lifted, what are critics saying about this long-awaited Predator reboot? In social media, the reactions were glowing, but can the same be said about the full verdicts?

As we know all too well, social media reactions don't always reflect what's in the reviews (even 2015's Fantastic Four was praised on Twitter before taking a beating from critics)

So far, the Predator reboot is doing exceptionally well, which is encouraging news for the film's creators.

Predator fans are likely to be pleased with this new approach to the property, despite the fact that it sounds a little formulaic.

We can't imagine a higher compliment for Prey than being compared to that 1897 classic. Previous films in this series have always had a hard time matching their predecessors in terms of quality.

Though the action isn't exactly stellar, Amber Midthunder appears to be a standout.

Despite its flaws, it's an excellent addition to the series. The series' future on Hulu will be decided this Friday based on how many people tune in.

With its shortcomings, it is an excellent addition to the series. According to Hulu's own metrics, they'll decide whether or not to renew the show Friday.

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