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HSBC was the first bank to go digital in league with its rivals, JPMorgan.

March 16, 2022

HSBC has partnered with Metaverse to provide services.JPMorgan in the metaverse.

What’s the catch? This is going to be the first bank to open in the virtual world.

The bank's prediction is that the metaverse might turn into a digital world where people experience their lives in the virtual environment.$1 trillion market.

“Just after the first virtual mall”, this collaboration is happening.Metajuku” on Decentraland.

A collaboration of brands like Nike, Disney and Warner Music Group, Walmart, Gucci is joining Metaverse. sandbox has partnered with over 100 unique companies.

The growth of “ownership economyWeb3 is getting bigger.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality games are going to be the way of connecting people with the metaverse.