Greg Norman

Greg Norman, Australian Golfer and PGA Tour celebrity, made a billion dollar reveal about the PGA Tour.

Greg Norman, a golf legend and entrepreneur, is trying to make the PGA Tour team LIV more competitive.

Many fans are against liv in the game due to its controversial story and dark themes.

PGA Tour players have accused Greg Norman and the LIV Golfers of being part of a series backed by Saudi Arabia. Even fans have been against the LIV golfers for supporting Saudi Arabia's business despite their alleged involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Greg Norman criticizes the PGA Tour

Greg Norman has a completely different point of view towards the situation. According to the LIV Golf CEO, “The PGA Tour has 27 sponsors who do $40 billion worth of business on an annual basis in Saudi Arabia.”

I talk about potential competitors that I know so much about

Greg uncovered that one of the largest sponsors of the Women’s Tour is Aramco. Also known as Saudi Aramco, the company is the currently the most valued in the world (even above Apple), and deals in public petroleum and natural gas in Saudi Arabia.

The competitors are on the same page

Norman added, “Not one word is being said about them. Right? But why is it, why is it on the guys? Why are we the ogres? What have we done wrong? We’re independent contractors. We have a right to play wherever we want in the world, for whatever we want!”

Will National Golfers Will LIV play in the Ryder Cup???

As of now, no players are facing restrictions from entering the Ryder Cup Tournament. Guy Kinnings, the Director of the Ryder Cup, gave a statement regarding the matter. He said, “The players are entitled to play until there is a final ruling.”

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