"For Cody" - Former Champ Attacks Seth Rollins in Revenge for His Actions Against Rhodes

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins had one of the most intense rivalry inside the ring in recent while.

Arguably two of the greatest in-ring performers, Rhodes and Rollins shared the WWE ring a total of three times, with Rhodes emerging victorious on all the occasions.

After seemingly putting an end to their feud after Hell in a Cell, Rhodes came out in the following episode of RAW and paid his respect to Cody Rhodes.

However, the show of respect did not last too long as Rollins once again attacked a severely injured Cody Rhodes, and hence, putting an end to their rivalry on his terms.

In the most recent episode of RAW, Rollins sat down to reveal his future plans ahead of Money in the Bank and reflected on his actions on Cody Rhodes, showing no remorse to his former adversary.

As Rollins made clear about his intention to win the Money in the Bank, a feat he achieved back in 2014, he was reminded he would have to go through AJ Styles to qualify for the match first.

It was at this point that he was thrown off his chair with a solid right hand from AJ Styles who screamed at him, "that was for Cody" before walking away.

Seth Rollins would go on to beat AJ Styles to book himself a berth in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Needless to say, it will interesting to see what lies ahead for Seth Rollins as he goes forward in his WWE journey.


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