Power Rankings



# 10 WR A.J. Brown Philly

Brown is in Philly and now it's time to find out if Jalen Hurts is the upgrade the Eagles have been looking for. Brown is the talent they have been lacking at WR for years and he  will get a ton of targets.



# 9 WR

Mike Evans WR Tampa Bay

Let's keep this short shall we? Tom Brady. Mike Evans in his prime. Endzone.  'nuff said.

#8 WR

Tyreek Hill WR Not Kansas City ok ok ... Miami

Not having Mahomes will hurt but he is still Tyreek Hill and once he has the ball in his hands he is a threat to score. Miami will get the ball in his hands.

# 7 WR

CeeDee Lamb WR Dallas Cowboys

Lamb is the man in big D now and mid-tier top 10 is his floor. He could blow everyone out of the water this season.

# 6 WR Deebo Samuel San Fran

A true multi-threat football player rather than a wide receiver. It doesn't matter in fantasy how you get the points, just that you get them. Enter Deebo Samuel.

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#5 WR Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills

He has the QB, he has the wheels, he has the hands and after getting knocked off just short of the Super Bowl he has the motivation. Banner year.



# 4 WR

WR Davante Adams Las Vegas Raiders

Adams will miss his old QB. His new one is no slouch and they are not strangers. It's all about talent. So is Adams.

# 3 WR

WR Ja'Marr Chase Cincinnati Bengals

His chemistry with his QB is off the charts and so is his production. You can't really scheme a way to step him. Draft him and enjoy the ride.

#2 WR Justin Jefferson Vikings

He was a steal for the Vikings in the NFL Draft. Make him a steal for yours. He still goes under the radar. We have no idea why.

# 1 WR Cooper Kupp LA Rams

The only difference between the end of last season and now is that Kupp has got better, & QB chemistry has improved.