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Ethereum Gas fee is at its lowest level in six months and there might be a silver lining.?

Feb 28, 2022

On February 27, transacting with the Ethereum (ETH) network was a lot cheaper, as average size costs dropped to 0.0039 ETH. The last time Ethereum network fees were this low was in late August 2021, which was six months ago.

The increased number of users on the Ethereum network has led to less congestion, decreasing gas fees.

Gas prices to push a transaction are more than 80% less expensive than it was 48 days ago on January 10. Ethereum network fees were roughly $52 per transaction back then, and the average transaction fee today is $10.26.

Layer two (L2) transactions have dropped dramatically in the last seven days, while on-chain fees have decreased.

Since January 10th, 2022, Ethereum fees have been falling, and median-sized gas fees have followed suit. The median-sized gas fee was $29 in ether 48 days ago on January 10, but it’s now at 0.0017 ETH, or $4.55 each transfer, down 84.31 percent.

Since gas fees have decreased, L2 transactions are also less expensive than on-chain transactions. Currently, the cheapest L2 price to transmit ethereum is $0.13 per transfer when using Loopring. At the time of writing, the gas fees for swapping tokens with Loopring cost $0.66 for every swap.