Los Angeles has been hit with a drought situation and despite new rules being put in place last year which set water budgets for homes, it seems some celebrities aren't too concerned about following them.

Former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade was the biggest offender in May, as he exceeded his budget by 489,000 gallons!

(Via Yahoo): Among the addresses that received notices was an $18-million Hidden Hills property, listed under the name of former NBA star Wade, that exceeded its allocated water budget in June 

by more than 1,400%, or 90,000 gallons. That was an improvement over May, when the property exceeded its budget by 489,000 gallons — more than any other customer.

Wade and his wife, actor Gabrielle Union, attributed the excess use at their property to a problem with their pool. 

In a statement, the couple said they have "taken drastic steps to reduce water usage in accordance with the new city guidelines and have since we moved into our home."

"We have been doing everything we can to rectify the situation and will continue to go to extensive lengths to resolve the issue," the statement said. 

"We have replaced all parts of our pool system that [have] to do with water flow and leakage in addition to converting to synthetic grass and drought tolerant plants to reduce our water usage. 

We will continue to work with the city and the water distribution company to make sure this isn't an issue moving forward."