Will Dogecoin be the most commonly used crypto on Twitter to tip??


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The Dogecoin [DOGE] community grew restless following the addition of Ethereum [ETH] on Twitter’s tipping jar.

The OG meme coin's founder, Billy Markus, started a whole new hashtag. #DogeTwitterTipJar

Dogecoin users want a tipping feature on Twitter. Most signatures have been collected in just six days.

If Dogecoin makes it to Twitter, the community believes that it can become the most used crypto for tipping.

Dogecoin is the perfect digital currency to tip people or use in other applications. It has the lowest transaction fees and inflationary characteristics of any major cryptocurrency. The Doge community believes love should be shared and spread freely.

The Dogecoin community and Markus have been emphasizing why DOGE is the gold standard of cryptocurrencies.

Even though DOGE had many similarities to other cryptocurrencies, its low fees and speedier transactions appealed to users of the network.