With iOS 16, you can more thoroughly hide emails, messages, and appointments when you're occupied.

New contextual capabilities for the iPhone's Focus mode (Do Not Disturb) have been added in iOS 16.

The Focus mode has become an indispensable tool for people who want to separate work and personal life or focus on a particular task at hand over the last year.

Focus Filters allow you to automate the process of hiding specific messages or emails when you are in Focus mode.

Focus mode automatically hides messages, emails, Safari tabs and calendar appointments from your work accounts.

In addition, when you open the app, the conversation or message will be removed from your screen.

((Note: This feature is included in the public beta of iOS 16, which is currently available for download. In the fall, the product will be available to a larger audience.))

Go to Settings > Focus and choose the Focus mode you want to customize. From the Focus Filters section, tap “Add Filter.” You will see four app filters here

During Focus mode, all appointments will be hidden from view in the selected calendar.

When in Focus mode, you can choose to hide specific accounts of your mail in the Mail app if you have multiple accounts set up.

Apps like Messages allow you to exclude certain contacts from receiving messages that come in from the rest of the world. As an example, you can set a "Home" Focus so that you only receive messages from your loved ones, excluding work messages.

Safari: If you use the Tab Groups feature in Safari, you can choose to hide particular Tab Groups when a Focus mode is engaged (this works for shared Tab Groups, as well).

App Filters can be customized. Tap "Done," and then select the "Add" option to include the filter in Focus mode when you are finished. Multiple App Filters can be applied to different Focus modes.

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