"she" pronouns have returned to Demi Lovato, the singer and former Disney Channel star.

Lovato, who in 2021 became non-binary and changed their name to "they," said this week on the radio that they are still alive and well.

Spout" podcast that they've been "feeling more feminine" lately and have reverted back to their previous pronouns

When it comes to my gender, sexuality, music, and creativity, I'm a very fluid person," Lovato said on the show.

which is a short-form interview show featuring famous people. Lovato currently uses her own

According to her Instagram account, she uses both "they" and "she" pronouns. She also stated that.

that she considers herself to be pansexual and queer.. Individuals who identify as non-binary are not uncommon.

using pronouns that can be used for either men or women. After announcing her new album, Janelle Monae,

in addition to "they," she claimed to be non-binary and that she would use "she" pronouns going forward.

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