Bryson DeChambeau

A pizza shop is like golf's PGA Tour.

DeChambeau, who transitioned to the LIV Golf series, is slowly coming to peace with the fact that PGA Tour might no longer be able to let him play.

Bryson DeChambeau claims that the PGA Tour had a ban on him.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, golf professional DeChambeau said kept forward his thoughts about PGA Tour's ban on LIV Golf players. He said, “[The ban] doesn’t make sense,… I’m not worried about it. I think it will get figured out.” He also said that the issue will get resolved “pretty shortly”.

Bryson's pizza shop analogy

"You pour a lot of money and time into your pizza shop, but all the customers come to your shop," said DeChambeau. "Then a competitor opens up that might make the food tastier or offer more options. The original pizza shack then says to the customer, 'If you go to our competitor's pizzeria, we will refuse serve you.'"

did Nike's ban help them??

Bryson's analogy was about the PGA Tour's sudden ban in reaction to their players joining the LIV Golf Tour. It seems that PGA Tour did this to prevent its players from joining the rival league, but it hasn't been seen since a lot of players still joined the LIV Golf League long after the ban was imposed.

DeChambeau explains why he joined LIV Golf

Most players joined the LIV Golf league due to the money it was offering. It was made clear after Bryson DeChambeau honestly called joining the league “a business decision”. He said, “There was a lot of financials to it and a lot of time. I get to have a life outside of golf… It’s not my decision to make [PGA Tour suspension]”

a new legacy

Reports said that LIV Golf made a $100 million deal with DeChambeau to join in. A lot of players have given up their PGA Tour legacy to join the new league. However, DeChambeau is not worried about it since he is going to “have a new legacy” for himself.

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