Brad Pitt recently spoke out about his struggles with prosopagnosia (also known as "face blindness").

Recently, he admitted to Q that some people perceive him as distant and aloof.

"No one has faith in me!" I exclaimed. Pitt told the media outlet about it. "I want to meet another," Pitt said.

According to the rising star of "Bullet Train," even after "a real talk" with someone, he still has trouble recalling their names.

He'd try to fool people into thinking he remembered them, or he'd hope they'd provide some background information.

So many people dislike me because they believe that I'm disrespecting their property," he said.

Asked where they'd met before, he admitted that he tried to be open and honest with people.

Pitt stated that he usually thanked people who helped him in social situations. Even though he admitted to being still conceited and egocentric,

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