Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Getting Clobbered With Metal Rod in Latest Movie

Former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, was one of the most feared heavyweights during his prime. And there is no denying that it takes a colossal amount of courage and equal amounts of stupid to be an object of the former champ’s vexation. Meanwhile, a leaked video showed Tyson getting clobbered by the lead actor of his latest movie.

Tyson played an extended cameo in the recent Indian combat sports film, ‘Liger‘. Moreover, the movie which was shot simultaneously in two languages, saw the former champ playing a character with negative shades.

In fact, ‘Iron’ Mike was even seen running away from the visibly smaller Deverakonda. However, the scene did not sit well with boxing fans. A lot of viewers felt that the scene was disrespectful to the legendary champ.

 Fans were disappointed to see one of boxing’s greatest athletes, being reduced to a mere comic relief. Meanwhile, fans even went on to call out the director and the lead actor for Tyson’s portrayal in the movie.

Creatives liberties aside, it is worth noting that Tyson’s cameo in the film could have been better incorporated. While also paying heed to his iconic status in the hearts of boxing fans.

If there is one individual who can match Mike Tyson’s iconic status, it’s none other than the legendary Bruce Lee. In fact, in an on-screen appearance, Tyson fought the character of Lee’s trainer, Ip Man.

Tyson was a part of the Hong Kong biographical martial arts film, Ip Man 3, in 2015. Moreover, he essayed the role of Frank, who is an American property developer and former boxer.

One of the scenes had a spectacular fight scene between Tyson’s character and Donnie Yen, who played Ip Man. While the cinematic fight ended in a draw, it was successful in depicting the champ’s sheer power and skill.

Talking about his role, Yen also stated that he was scared that Tyson might actually kill him during the scene.