This weekend's race in Hungary will be the Quebecer's second attempt to finish in the top ten after causing a major accident on a wet track last year.

As the season has progressed, it would be a great accomplishment to come away with a positive result this weekend. The Hungaroring is a great place to drive because it has a lot of fun corners.

A go-kart track has many similarities to the track, with the turns coming together quickly.

We've shown improvements in racing pace in the last few weeks, and we hope to keep it up before the summer break.

When it comes to the French GP, Vettel is a proven performer, having finished 11th last year. As he was disqualified for fuel shortage last year, he signed the podium at the same location.

Getting a good result before the break in Hungary, which has become the traditional end-of-summer race, is essential.

Leclerc promises to "get on top of my mistakes."

In spite of its reputation as a relatively low-speed track, the circuit has a number of fast corners at the back.

I'm looking forward to this year's race because I think the track will play to our strengths, and I had a great time at last year's race.

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