Andrew Tate Challenges KSI To A Fight

In an outburst, Andrew Tate attacked KSI and recently challenged him to a fight while speaking about the British man. Tate is presently prohibited from using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among other social networking sites.

On the Rumble platform, however, 'Top G' is now livestreaming, and during his most recent video, he challenged 'The Nightmare' to a battle and prophesied that Jake Paul will also defeat him by saying:

"This is a personal message to you KSI, I had no problem with you....but when I get banned, you wanna go from a fan to just f***ing instantly cowering out to the matrix."

"That makes you a hypocrite, there's nothing more disgusting than a male hypocrite...At least Jake Paul was man enough to say stand up for f***ing free speech. If you ever fought Jake, he would smash your f***ing face in."

"And if you wanna get smoked twice, I'll smoke you myself. You are full of shit, you're a f***ing hypocrite. The shit you've said in the past is worse than anything I've ever f***ing said and you know it."

Additionally, he dubbed Ethan, a buddy of KSI and another Sidemen member, a hypocrite. 'JJ' had said in one of his films that some of Andrew Tate's opinions and thoughts were right on.

The Nightmare, on the other hand, stated that Tate's Twitter ban was a good thing when "Top G" was suspended. It was because of this occurrence that "Cobra" Tate referred to him as a hypocrite.

On Twitter, KSI responded to Andrew Tate's call-out video. 'The Nightmare's' rematch with Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda in London's O2 Arena is just hours away.

The British fighter will square off against Swarmz to start the show and Pineda to close it on the same night. Observe what he said to "Top G" below: "Crying from outside of the club. Jake Paul and you can get it soon. I WANT ALL THE SMOKE"