As the 4th of Julius draws nearer and nearer, hot dogs, burgers, and beer are all on the menu. For many people, cracking

The best way to commemorate the 238th anniversary of the American Revolution is to crack open a cold one to toast the country's independence.

During the holiday season, Pabst Blue Ribbon is throwing a big party for their customers.

Pabst is certainly not a stranger to releasing massive party packs featuring their popular beer. This 1844-piece set

he first time PBR has broken the record they set for themselves. Pabst celebrated the Fourth of July the year before this Fourth of July.

of July with a special 1776 pack that was patriotic red, white and blue cans, through Vine Pair. They released it this year, in 2019.

a tribute to the year of its founding for the Milwaukee-based company. They also want to make it easier for people to

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