5 Hardest Punchers In UFC

Francis Ngannou

The Predator


Perhaps the most fearsome puncher in UFC at the moment, Ngannou has the punching power of a Ford truck at it's full speed!

Derrick Lewis

The Black Beast


The Black Beast holds the record for most amount of knockouts in UFC history with 13 KOs. He achieved the record by knocking out Kyle Daukaus last year.

Jorge Masvidal



Jorge Masvidal holds the record for the quickest KO in the UFC history. He knocked out Ben Askren in 6 seconds.

Mark Hunt

The Super Samoan


Mark Hunt probably was the most beloved knockout artist in UFC history. His walk-off KOs are the stuff of legend!  Hunt holds the record of 10 KOs in his career.

Conor McGregor

The Notorious


Conor McGregor stamped his authority in MMA with a 13 second KO of Jose Aldo. It still remains the faster KO in a championship match. His power often is diffrence between him and his opponents.

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