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Watch Us Make: A Banana Cream Pie

Take a few of your overripe bananas and use them to make this all-star Banana Cream Pie. The recipe appeared on our website first.



Nothing is as sweet and reviving as a slice of banana cream pie.

This recipe, which Bernice Morris, a home cook, brought to the Taste of Home test kitchen, creates the ideal rendition of the traditional dessert. Bernice remembers, “Whenever Mom served this pie, it was a fantastic creamy delight.”

It has grown so popular with our audience now that we believe a comeback is in order.

The pie uses basic ingredients, like many wonderful dishes. an airy crust. (In a pinch, you could use a pre-made pie crust, but you could also create your own from scratch using this recipe for Easy Pie Crust.) On the stovetop, a thick, slightly sweet vanilla custard is being prepared. The flavor of the dish is topped with freshly cut bananas. Garnish the pie with whipped cream and, you guessed it, additional bananas for the finishing touch.


Any of our mouthwateringly cold sweets would do, though we’re wild about making this one for spring and summer events. For more no-bake pies, keep reading.

Watch Us Make This: Banana Cream Pie originally appeared on Taste of Home.