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Watch Strongman Eddie Hall Coach His Son Through His First Deadlift

The powerlifting apple doesn’t fall far.



Eddie Hall, a strongman and boxer, frequently hosts other athletes and fitness influencers at his personal gym in Stoke. Hall’s son Max, a weightlifting newbie, is eager to try his first deadlift in a new video on Hall’s YouTube channel, in which they are joined by Eddie Williams, two-time winner of Australia’s Strongest Man and star of America’s Got Talent.

Hall begins by teaching Max the correct technique for the deadlift, first with a bar that has no weights on it so that he can get a feel for the grip and motion.

When asked how to properly grip the bar, he demonstrates by placing his hands shoulder-width apart. “The ideal deadlift technique entails lowering the bar to the floor, bending at the knees until the inside of the shin touches the bar, and then rising to the starting position. In a nutshell, that’s all there is to it.”

Max’s dad loads the bar with 22 extra pounds and watches as his son performs the exercise with “absolutely perfect” form. They increase the weight to 44 pounds, and Max manages five reps at that level before giving up.


Hall then instructs Williams on how to modify his deadlifting technique to reduce the risk of injury to his back, suggesting that he step closer to the bar and lean back during the crouching phase of the lift as if he were performing a leg press. According to Hall, this represents a “tweak” of only about 1.5 centimeters. “A deadlift must move from point A to point B. You should aim for a straight line right from the start.”

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