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Want To Snag A Collection Of Air Jordans? Now’s Your Chance

Here’s how you can get your hands on a pair of Air Jordans from an auction that includes more than 30 years’ worth of footwear.



On November 17, 1984, the first Air Jordan model was shown. Michael Jordan was a rookie with the Chicago Bulls at the time, only 21 years old. The young North Carolina guard received a sponsorship offer from Nike for $500,000 spread over five years. Jordan also received stock options, making his deal worth $7 million in total.

Even while Nike supported Jordan, they had no idea that he would go on to become probably the greatest NBA player in history. Air Jordans quickly rose to the top of the shopping list. They were excellent for hoops but also wonderful kicks for going out or to a friend’s place.

By March of 1985, Nike had sold more than a million pairs of Air Jordan sneakers. But they were just getting started.

Jordan Brand via Getty Images

Online shoe collector ShoeZeum is selling off a massive collection of sneakers. You no longer need to wonder what more than 30 years’ worth of Air Jordan shoes look like:

— Shoezeum on November 6, 2020 (@shoezeum)


In any case, if you want to pick up a pair of vintage Jordan shoes, you’ll need to bring the cash. On eBay right now, the cheapest Air Jordans are selling for roughly $100, while many go for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Get those bidding fingers ready and wait until the auctions are over. After all, you have a chance to grab a piece of history.